Mangasothu University of Technology

ICT solutions that match the educational requirements of each environment.

Whether it’s for a school or a tertiary institution, such as a university and/or technikon, AVI Systems can design, install and service audio-visual and ICT solutions that will match the educational requirements of each environment. We will design and install everything from visual presentation solutions using LEDs, projectors and distributed satellite TV solutions, to PA systems and emergency evacuation systems.
We understand the importance of education and the role audio visual technology can play as a key to providing avid learners with the information they need. AVI Systems is passionate about delivering projector installation services as well as high-tech projector installation in South Africa to ensure those attending educational institutions receive the highest level of education possible.

Brands we use

View some of the brands of audio-visual solutions AVI Systems would recommend for educational environments here. This is not, however, a complete list (i.e. there are brands whose products we know and recommend that are not listed here).